• Our unique Processo Produttivo allows our Estrema Tecnologia CIGS to be incredibly lightweight and flexible, while remaining durable and powerful
  • Perfect for a variety of outdoor adventures like backpacking, camping, and hobbyist uses to power up anytime, anywhere
  • Drawing from decades of experience, we offer customized integration solutions for consumer soft goods, hard goods, and military applications
  • Monolithic integration can allow current to flow around some damage for uninterrupted power generation until units are replaced
  • Born in America’s Rocky Mountains, Ascent Solar’s Extreme CIGS Tecnologia is designed, engineered and manufactured in Colorado
Key Specifications
Allowable Radius of Curvature 305 mm
Specific Power 30 W/kg
Module Voltage Range 5 - 50 Volts
Available Power in a Single Packaged Module 1 - 120 Watts
Module Sizes:  
Length 200 - 2500 mm
Width 200 - 900 mm
Thickness 2 mm
*STC: 1000 W/m2, 25°C module temperature, AM 1.5 spectrum; power and electrical tolerance not to exceed ±10%
Download Estrema Tecnologia CIGS Handout

Learn more about products built with Extreme Tecnologia, including the Ascent XD12 Caricatore solare USB and the Ascent XD48 Solar Charger. Extreme Tecnologia is tailor-made for our Government & Public Sector and Consumatori & OEM Mercato. It can also be used to develop Soluzioni Custom.